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Project 2019 is underway!

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We launched Project 2019 as a fellowship during the final service of 2015 - a Dedication Festival on both the festival day of St John the Evangelist and the 146th anniversary of our church's consecration.

In the years leading up to our 150th anniversary - Friday 27 December 2019 - we're working through the programme of aims on the right which will all feed into the over-arching aim of Project 2019 - to guarantee the future of Christian worship in Ravenhead by securing the future of St John's Church for the next generations.

This section of the website will be updated with information as Project 2019 progresses.

What is Project 2019?

For a number of months, the PCC have been discussing some of the problems we have as a church, such as a shortage of volunteers and a shortfall in income, resulting in Parish Share arrears.

They have also been discussing ways the council can offer direction and a leadership role in resolving these issues. As a result, the PCC have decided to put into action Project 2019 - a series of aims developed in-house that we hope the church can work together as a fellowship to achieve.

We are able to tie in our aims with a significant date in the history of our church. On Friday 27 December 2019, St John's Church will reach the 150th anniversary of its consecration. As a result, the PCC hope we will be able to meet the aims of Project 2019 by the anniversary date - thereby meaning that as our church reaches its 150th year, the foundations will be in place for St John's to be able to serve its community long into the future.

This is in some ways an ambitious scheme, yet it is achieveable. With the leadership of the PCC, sometimes delegated to sub-groups, the help and generousity of volunteers and our fellowship, our goals can be met.

We hope all members of the church will get involved in Project 2019.

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